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Item Name Id Count
Stage 16 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft  Stage 16 ft x 8 ft x 4 ft 8
Corner Concrete Step  Corner Concrete Step 2
Fabric Sofa 33  Fabric Sofa 33 1
stainless steel Table  stainless steel Table 2
Podium Wooden  Podium Wooden 1
Dance Floor Square with Color LED 10x10  Dance Floor Square with Color LED 10x10 2
Stage Steps  Stage Steps 1
Moving Head up Light w Ray  Moving Head up Light w Ray 1
Microphone stand 2  Microphone stand 2 3
Milos Truss stb3000mm upright  Milos Truss stb3000mm upright 13
Paul Walking  Paul Walking 1
Ronald Waiting  Ronald Waiting 3
Octanorm Solid Wall Panel 1  Octanorm Solid Wall Panel 1 6
Octanorn Flat Plexi wall 1  Octanorn Flat Plexi wall 1 8
Whisper Loveseat  Whisper Loveseat 8
Counter LED Lightbox  Counter LED Lightbox 4
Soda Vending Machine  Soda Vending Machine 1
Hillphoenix s2sg  Hillphoenix s2sg 1
Cash Register  Cash Register 1
Stove 016  Stove 016 3
Platter Tray Cart  Platter Tray Cart 4
Trash Can  Trash Can 1
Magma open Header opt Graphic  Magma open Header opt Graphic 13
Magma 4ft Wide Panel  Magma 4ft Wide Panel 4
Magma Plexi Panel B  Magma Plexi Panel B 4
Cognita storage bench  Cognita storage bench 4
conference table 3  conference table 3 2
La Marie chair  La Marie chair 136
Eames Square Flex Table  Eames Square Flex Table 41
Grass 3d hd tile  Grass 3d hd tile 3
Gina Walking2  Gina Walking2 1
Woman on cell (HD)  Woman on cell (HD) 1
Woman dressed walking HD  Woman dressed walking HD 1
Petra sitting HD  Petra sitting HD 1
Dennis Casual  Dennis Casual 1
Jack Sitting Table  Jack Sitting Table 2
Dennis sit on stool  Dennis sit on stool 1
Casual Man Sitting texting HD  Casual Man Sitting texting HD 1
Daniel sitting with phone  Daniel sitting with phone 1
Aaron and Julia   Aaron and Julia 1
Alanna standing  Alanna standing 1
iMac  iMac 2
Matt on tablet  Matt on tablet 1
Belle with bag  Belle with bag 1
Aaron  Aaron 1
Johnny with boxes  Johnny with boxes 1
Miriam on Computer  Miriam on Computer 1
Jiang posing  Jiang posing 1
Interlock truss ring set120  Interlock truss ring set120 4
Mueble TV Anderson  Mueble TV Anderson 1
50 inch LCD screen  50 inch LCD screen 1
Fred sitting  Fred sitting 1
Pierre sitting  Pierre sitting 1
Damon sitting with coffee  Damon sitting with coffee 1
Angela sitting HD  Angela sitting HD 1
Woman seated waving HD  Woman seated waving HD 1
magma reception counter 1  magma reception counter 1 1
Young Man Standing HD  Young Man Standing HD 1
Counter LED Glass Top  Counter LED Glass Top 1
Ray HD  Ray HD 1
Fender_Concert_Reverb_Amplifier  Fender_Concert_Reverb_Amplifier 2
young man casually sitting  young man casually sitting 1
Drum set_stage  Drum set_stage 1
older business man talking  older business man talking 1
Conga Drums  Conga Drums 1
keyboard 2 w Bench  keyboard 2 w Bench 1
Cherner konwiser stool  Cherner konwiser stool 1
Watching the show  Watching the show 1

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