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Item Name Id Count
Elaeis guineensis  Elaeis guineensis 2
Barrel bench  Barrel bench 3
tree large  tree large 3
Rectangular Table with Drape  Rectangular Table with Drape 33
Enea lotus Chair  Enea lotus Chair 51
Williams sitting   Williams sitting 1
Sally sitting  Sally sitting 1
Big Guy Sitting  Big Guy Sitting 1
Paulina walking  Paulina walking 1
Shelly walking  Shelly walking 1
Susan sitting  Susan sitting 1
young woman waiting  young woman waiting 1
Woman with bag  Woman with bag 1
Buster walking  Buster walking 1
Mitchell  Mitchell 1
Susan walking  Susan walking 1
Lisa walking  Lisa walking 1
Cindy walking  Cindy walking 1
Patrick pointing  Patrick pointing 1
Rick Jogging  Rick Jogging 1
Road City 2lane Strait  Road City 2lane Strait 2
Woman looking at watch 070  Woman looking at watch 070 2
Man Quietly sitting  Man Quietly sitting 1
Tall Man with glasses  Tall Man with glasses 2
Young Man sitting watching  Young Man sitting watching 2
Woman sitting 050  Woman sitting 050 1
Woman casually sitting  Woman casually sitting 1
Biker with helmet  Biker with helmet 1
Casual Guy on phone  Casual Guy on phone 1
Man Sitting Bored  Man Sitting Bored 1
Tall old man holding hat  Tall old man holding hat 1
Woman w jeans sitting  Woman w jeans sitting 2
Dumpster  Dumpster 2
10x10 Hover Tent  10x10 Hover Tent 33
Washingtonia filifera cluster  Washingtonia filifera cluster 5
Phoenix Dactylifera Cluster  Phoenix Dactylifera Cluster 4
10x20 Hover Tent  10x20 Hover Tent 1
Telephone Pole  Telephone Pole 6
Semi Trailer  Semi Trailer 1
Man standing W crossed arms  Man standing W crossed arms 1
Girl with bag  Girl with bag 1
Woman with purse  Woman with purse 1
Tall guy arms_crossed  Tall guy arms_crossed 1

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