ECore Large Exhibit b

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Item Name Id Count
Double Deck Large_curved 3  Double Deck Large_curved 3 1
Sliding panel doors_Large  Sliding panel doors_Large 5
Sliding panel doors small  Sliding panel doors small 5
Glass Conference Table  Glass Conference Table 2
Bob looking at watch  Bob looking at watch 1
Lisa walking  Lisa walking 1
Eames Softpad Managment Chair  Eames Softpad Managment Chair 7
Maria walking  Maria walking 1
Cindy walking  Cindy walking 1
Kiosk ecore  Kiosk ecore 6
lapalma barstool light Oak  lapalma barstool light Oak 20
Reception desk 2  Reception desk 2 1
Circa Coffee table  Circa Coffee table 3
Claire Standing  Claire Standing 1
ecorefloor  ecorefloor 1
tower globe  tower globe 1
arch hanging sign  arch hanging sign 1
Potted plant 13  Potted plant 13 5
Circa Inner-Loveseat 60  Circa Inner-Loveseat 60 6
circa table ganged  circa table ganged 2
circa inner chair  circa inner chair 2
newdealer bar  newdealer bar 1
new dealer wall  new dealer wall 1
Sally Standing  Sally Standing 1
Williams standing  Williams standing 1
Matt sitting at the computer  Matt sitting at the computer 1
Damon sitting with coffee  Damon sitting with coffee 1
Matt on phone  Matt on phone 1
Shelly walking  Shelly walking 1
Demonstration station  Demonstration station 2
businessman welcoming guest  businessman welcoming guest 1
Laptop 2  Laptop 2 1
Fred sitting  Fred sitting 1
Karen leaning on desk  Karen leaning on desk 1
Lisa 2 reading  Lisa 2 reading 1
Bob Sitting  Bob Sitting 1
Big Guy Sitting  Big Guy Sitting 1
Fred standing  Fred standing 1
Shelly standing  Shelly standing 1
older business man talking  older business man talking 1

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ECore Large Exhibit b
Check out this Amazing tradeshow Exhibit that I created with ExhibitCore Floor Planner.
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