Stage display

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Item Name Id Count
Young Man Stretching HD  Young Man Stretching HD 1
Woman on cell (HD)  Woman on cell (HD) 1
ETC Source 4  ETC Source 4 2
Milos Truss STB-4000  Milos Truss STB-4000 5
ETC Source 4 downward  ETC Source 4 downward 5
Fresnel Theater Light  Fresnel Theater Light 1
Moving Head Lights with Ray  Moving Head Lights with Ray 8
Stage curtain on casters 2  Stage curtain on casters 2 1
Moving Head Lights with ray angled  Moving Head Lights with ray angled 5
Stage 16 ft x 8 ft x 2 ft  Stage 16 ft x 8 ft x 2 ft 3
Speaker tower 4 levels  Speaker tower 4 levels 1
Fender Concert Reverb Amplifier  Fender Concert Reverb Amplifier 2
Taiko Drum  Taiko Drum 1
keyboard 2 w Bench  keyboard 2 w Bench 1
Young Man Standing HD  Young Man Standing HD 1
Casual Guy on phone  Casual Guy on phone 1
Moving Head up Light w Ray  Moving Head up Light w Ray 12
Biker with helmet  Biker with helmet 1
Photographer  Photographer 1
Welcome  Welcome 1
Man Looks over shoulder  Man Looks over shoulder 1
Milos Truss stb5000 upright  Milos Truss stb5000 upright 2
Milos Truss ACB23  Milos Truss ACB23 1
Man on cellphone  Man on cellphone 1
Microphone stand  Microphone stand 1
Microphone stand 2  Microphone stand 2 1
FloodLight stand  FloodLight stand 2
Theater Light Source4 ray  Theater Light Source4 ray 1
Drum Set Bass Drum and tom-toms  Drum Set Bass Drum and tom-toms 1
Drum set Floor Tom  Drum set Floor Tom 1
Drum set Snare Drum  Drum set Snare Drum 1
Drum set Hi-Hat Cymbal  Drum set Hi-Hat Cymbal 1
Drum set Ride Cymbal  Drum set Ride Cymbal 1
Drum set Crash Cymbal  Drum set Crash Cymbal 1
Drumset set Throne  Drumset set Throne 1
Ray HD  Ray HD 1
Aaron  Aaron 1

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Ron Casimir
Stage display
stage structure layout using truss system with lights
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