video game 1
Item NameIdCount
Ambulance Ambulance1
Army Truck Army Truck1
Bald Eagle in the Air Bald Eagle in the Air1
Big house Big house1
Building 27 Building 271
Building 28 Building 281
Building Corner Building Corner1
Buster walking Buster walking1
Caan reaching Caan reaching1
Canadian Goose Canadian Goose3
Car 02 Car 021
Car Buick Station Wagon Car Buick Station Wagon1
Cocos Nunifer Tall Cocos Nunifer Tall12
Cody sitting Cody sitting1
Elaeis guineensis Elaeis guineensis1
Field Maple Field Maple1
MailBox MailBox1
Manna ash Manna ash5
Mei Lin Skipping Mei Lin Skipping1
Melissa looking down Melissa looking down1
Metro Bus Metro Bus1
News Van News Van1
Patrick sitting Patrick sitting1
Paulina squatting Paulina squatting1
Paulina walking Paulina walking1
Phoenix Dactylifera Cluster Phoenix Dactylifera Cluster1
Picnic Table Picnic Table1
Rick Jogging Rick Jogging1
Road 01 Road 014
Road 09 Road 091
Road 11 Road 111
Road 14 Road 145
Road 15 Road 154
Road 16 Road 161
Road Bus 1 Road Bus 11
Road Bus 2 Road Bus 21
Scooter Scooter1
stone ledge cap stone ledge cap1
Telephone Pole Telephone Pole5
Traffic Street Light Traffic Street Light4
Tree Large and wide Tree Large and wide1
Van Old Van Old1
Washingtonia filifera cluster Washingtonia filifera cluster2
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video game 1
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