Outdoor Pool Party
Item NameIdCount
Alberto walking Alberto walking1
Banquet table Large round Banquet table Large round1
Banquet table small round Banquet table small round4
Bird of paradise Bird of paradise3
Buster walking Buster walking1
Cocos Nucifer leaning Cocos Nucifer leaning1
Croton Blossom Croton Blossom3
Damon sitting with coffee Damon sitting with coffee1
Damon standing with coffee Damon standing with coffee1
Dining chair 2 Dining chair 255
Emu Shade Umbrella Pentagon Emu Shade Umbrella Pentagon1
english yew 4ft english yew 4ft8
Eric Sunbathing Eric Sunbathing1
Evelyn running Evelyn running1
Evelyn sunbathing Evelyn sunbathing1
Fern 1 Fern 11
Fern 2 Fern 21
Flowers bush 2 Flowers bush 26
Folding Chaise lounge Folding Chaise lounge2
Fred sitting Fred sitting1
Grand Piano Black Grand Piano Black1
Jeff Standing Jeff Standing1
Livistona Saribus Livistona Saribus1
Maria Bending Maria Bending1
Mark volleyball Mark volleyball1
Melissa looking down Melissa looking down1
Palm tree 2 Palm tree 22
Patrick sitting Patrick sitting1
Paulina squatting Paulina squatting1
pool kidnea shape 2 large pool kidnea shape 2 large1
Potted plant 45 Potted plant 455
Sabal_palmetto low1 Sabal_palmetto low1 1
Sam sitting Sam sitting1
shrub 2 shrub 26
Tamicka Walking Tamicka Walking1
Wall Arch entry Wall Arch entry2
Wall Arch entry with door Wall Arch entry with door1
Wall assembly outdoor Wall assembly outdoor1
Wall cap 2 Wall cap 26
Wall iron fence1 Wall iron fence16
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Mark Mitchell
Outdoor Pool Party
Check out this floor plan layout that I created with ExhibitCore Floor Planner.
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